Doing Business as a Craftsman

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The SQL Schema Tool or SST started as a method for updating live databases with schema changes from ongoing development efforts of multiple developers. As such, it began life as a commandline tool rather than with a GUI interface...
Great Software is our passion
Design, architecture, OOP principals, these are only some of the things that make great software. Passion to do things the right way, see things clearly, be on fire to write the best code - these are qualities not easily defined by metrics, but just as important to the creation of great software.
Software is our business
We've been developing software for manufacturing, defense, retail, and vertical channel companies for the last 27 years. It's time to build better tools for making better software. People want tools that will help them do better work and make their job easier, not harder. We call these types of software tools, craftsman software! This is the software that we build at Lewis & Lewis.
Where we are located
Lewis & Lewis Consulting
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